Ethical & Sustainable Fashion


We decided at the outset that if we were going to take on the challenge of starting a fashion label, we wanted to create one with soul. To us, this means creating a brand that is not only true to our aesthetic, but also respects those who help make our clothes and is environmentally responsible.
These are the core principles that underpin conscious and considered fashion.  Therefore, at every stage and level of DEVOI, we aim to continuously improve ethical and environmental outcomes:

DEVOI is committed to countering the damaging effects of mass-consumption that result from fast fashion and this commitment starts with creating timeless designs over on-trend items. During the design process, we take great care and attention to ensure each garment not only encapsulates the DEVOI signature style, but is also beyond-trend and long-lasting, to be loved and treasured by the owner for many seasons, indeed years, to come.
All of DEVOI’s fabrics are digitally printed because this is the most sustainable
printing method. Digital printing uses less energy and produces less waste,
consuming less water than screen printing and producing far less toxic waste water. During the printing process, we use certified AZO free inks and dyes which do not contain toxic heavy metals or harmful chemicals.
DEVOI does not use synthetic materials. Instead, we prefer to use fabrics made out of natural fibres like silk, modal and linen which can be cleaned in cold water with natural detergents. These breathable fibres lessen body odour and are kinder to the skin and the planet than synthetics.
We also have a range of T-shirts that are made from 100% organic cotton and
ethically made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA).
It is important to us that we engage businesses who have environmental and ethical standards as the focus of their manufacturing practices. We therefore work with a SEDEX approved manufacturer in India who has completed the SMETA (“Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit”) audit (for more information visit: for the assurance that the well-being of its employees at all stages of production has been certified by an independent body. The scope of this audit was based on labour standards which includes ETI (“Ethical Trading Initiative”) Base Code and Health & Safety (plus Environment 2-Pillar). The ETI Base Code centres on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (“ILO”) and is an internationally recognised code of labour practice which incorporate the following principles:

1. Employment is freely chosen
Our manufacturer does not hold the identification papers of its workers and staff are not required to pay any fees, taxes, deposits or bonds for the purpose of recruitment/placement.
2. Freedom of association
Our manufacturer has a Workers Participation Committee consisting of duly elected worker representatives and there is an internal complaints process to allow workers to communicate any grievances about work conditions anonymously.
3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic
Our manufacturer ensures staff have safe working conditions with ample lighting and ventilation and comfortable seating. It has a longstanding H&S policy which includes the provision induction training as well as regular safety training for all staff. All accidents are recorded. Our manufacturer does not engage any home workers.  Our manufacturer follows fire safety regulations in terms of building and equipment requirements and conducts periodical maintenance on all machines used at its facilities. Our manufacturer has all required permits for the use and disposal of resources. No banned chemical are used.  Indeed, our manufacturer’s low attrition rates indicate staff are happy with their working conditions.
4. Child labour shall not be used
Our manufacturer has a prohibition of child labour policy and checks the proof of age documents of all staff prior to employment.
5. Living wages are paid
Staff are on a payroll which is much less stressful than being paid on a per garment basis. Our manufacturer pay their staff above the minimum wage and enough to support a family/children. Employees confirmed that they get all benefits like insurance, maternity benefits, annual leaves etc.
6. Working hours are not excessive
Our manufacturer does not engage in night production work and only engages workers for overtime work when there is an urgent shipment. Those employees receive overtime allowance at premium rate. Staff have the right to refuse overtime work.
7. No discrimination is practiced
The audit disclosed no evidence of any discrimination, harassment and abuse or unfair disciplinary practices.
8. Regular employment is provided
It was noted during the audit that all employees are employed on regular basis and no casual and apprentice employees were engaged. Our manufacturer does not employ any migrant workers.
9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
The audit confirmed that all acts of physical abuse or discipline, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation were prohibited by our manufacturer.
10. Environmental considerations
Our manufacturer has established and maintained environmental policy and
provided the following reports during the audit process:
• Noise Monitoring Test Report : E202182020143 conducted on 04/02/2022
• Ambient Air Quality Testing Report : E202182020129 conducted on
04/02/2022 by ITL LAB PVT LTD

Although we have met representatives of manufacturers personally, we want to do more to ensure that our ethical and environmental standards are being met. As part of DEVOI’s commitment to fair work practices, we intend to go to India to make site visits and personally check that those who produce our garments are treated with respect, have safe working conditions and are remunerated fairly. 
Excess fabrics 
Each DEVOI collection is made in limited runs so that we don’t have excess fabrics or an oversupply of stock which is the main reason for textile waste by major brands.  That said, making clothes from printed fabrics always results in off-cuts. As these scraps feature DEVOI’s original signature prints, we can’t let them go to waste! We therefore repurpose left over fabrics into unique handmade cloth-based accessories, such as belts, pouches, headbands and scrunchies. Our range of accessories are a huge hit at markets!
DEVOI is committed to 100% carbon neutral delivery service for all retail and
wholesale orders and has transitioned from single-use plastic satchels to 100% zero waste packaging for all online orders.
Further, DEVOI garments are shipped in large quantities at a time, where possible.
Care instructions and labelling
Where possible, we indicate cold wash on our care instruction labels.  This provides customers with the opportunity to minimise the laundry environmental impact associated with their DEVOI garment.



Meet one of our makers: Parveen. She comes from a small village in the south of India. She has three children and is a passionate seamstress. She says that sewing garments is almost meditative for her as it gives her a sense of contentment and makes her feel good. The income she receives helps support her family. 


Garment finishing at our factory in Haryana, India.