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Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

At the outset, we decided that if we were going to take on the challenge of starting a fashion label, we wanted to create one with soul. To us, this means creating a brand that is not only true to our aesthetic, but also respects those who help make our clothes and is environmentally responsible. To us, these are the core principles that underpin conscious and considered fashion.

Therefore, at every stage and level of DEVOI, we aim to continuously improve ethical and environmental outcomes:


DEVOI is committed to countering the damaging effects of mass-consumption that result from fast fashion. During the design process, we take great care and attention to ensure each garment not only encapsulates the DEVOI signature style, but is also beyond-trend, long lasting and will be loved and treasured by the owner for many seasons, indeed years, to come.



DEVOI does not use synthetic fibres. Instead, we prefer to use fabrics made out of natural fibres like silk, viscose and linen which can be cleaned in cold water with natural detergents.

All of DEVOI’s custom-designed fabrics are digitally printed. Digital printing consumes less water than screen printing and produces far less toxic waste water. 

Further, DEVOI avoids inks and dyes which contain toxic heavy metals or harmful chemicals, using instead AZO free dyes and natural dyes made from plant materials.



Over the years we have been working hard to find and engage businesses who have environmental and ethical standards as part of their manufacturing practices.

Both of our manufacturers pay their staff above the minimum wage and enough to support a family/children. The staff at one of our manufacturers are on a payroll which is much less stressful than being paid on a per garment basis.

Our manufacturers also pride themselves on having safe working conditions with ample lighting and ventilation and comfortable seating. DEVOI does not use sweatshops, child labour or slavery. Indeed, our manufacturers have low attrition rates which indicates that staff are happy with their working conditions.

During off-peak periods, one of our manufacturers repurpose fabric scraps by creating mattresses, pillows, patchwork bed linen and school bags which are distributed to the needy either directly or via NGOs.  Our other manufacturer passes left over fabrics to charities, who turn those fabrics into hand crafted products. The profits from the sale of the hand crafted product support the work of the charities.  So committed is this manufacturer to recycling that we receive delivery of our garments in repurposed cardboard boxes!

One of our textile dyeing mills has a treatment plant which uses evaporation and separation technology to clean the effluent produced during the dying process. The recycled by-product is then available for further use.

Although we have met representatives of manufacturers personally, we want to do more to ensure that our ethical and environmental standards are being met. As part of DEVOI’s commitment to fair work practices, we intend to go to India to make site visits and personally check that those who produce our garments are treated with respect, have safe working conditions and are remunerated fairly. 


Excess fabrics 

Each DEVOI collection is made in limited runs so that we don’t have excess fabrics or an oversupply of stock which is the main reason for textile waste by major brands. 

That said, making clothes from printed fabrics always results in off-cuts. As these scraps feature DEVOI’s original signature prints, we can’t let them go to waste! We therefore repurpose left over fabrics into unique handmade cloth-based accessories, such as belts, pouches, headbands and scrunchies. Our range of accessories are a huge hit at markets as they allow customers to take a little piece of DEVOI home with them!



Our garments are lightweight and we always aim to ship large quantities at a time.


Care instructions and labelling

Where possible, we indicate cold wash on our care instruction labels.  This provides customers with the opportunity to minimise the laundry environmental impact associated with their DEVOI garment. 

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